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Our empowerment division is comprised of the Ladies of Favor Mentoring Program where our mission is to provide a family-oriented support system to disadvantaged females ages 10 to 21 years old by embracing spiritual guidance, increasing self-esteem, promoting abstinence, and improving leadership.


Ladies of Favor provides personal mentoring, peer mentoring, and group mentoring.


Priceless Princess
Mentoring Program

This empowerment program is for little girls in elementary school to provide a positive environment to increase self-esteem, exemplify sisterhood, build leadership and promote purity among our little girls. 


Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring is provided weekly in a group setting while teen girls discuss various issues they are experiencing based on age.


Group settings consist of 

  • 10-17-year-olds

  • 18-21-year-olds 



VIP Coaching

Is your daughter struggling with understanding her self worth and value?...
Is your daughter facing a situation that is negatively effecting her and you do not know how to help?...
Are you struggling with a positive relationship with your daughter?...
Is your daughter having problems with communication and feelings of isolation and lack of motivation?...
Are you looking for a positive role model that can assist your daughter with everyday guidance and support?...

If you answered yes, please consider enrolling your daughter into the VIP Coaching Program.

Provide your daughter with an amazing opportunity to be led and guided by one of the industries best, skillful, and experienced practitioners, Dr. Gabrielle Starr. The VIP Coaching Sessions are exclusive 1 to 1 faith centered sessions via face to face or Skype/Zoom,  providing individual coaching & mentorship, goal setting, lifestyle mapping, and behavior modification. Ideal for girls in need of private structured guidance and modeling. Schedule a VIP Coaching Session today.

Benefits of VIP Coaching Sessions:

  • Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Increased Motivation & Focus

  • Increased Communication

  • Private, Exclusive VIP Experience

  • Ongoing Support


Secure Your VIP Session


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